Tips on Seeking a Renewable Energy Degree

REW’s Managing Editor, Jennifer Runyon, digs deep in her overview of clean energy training, not only in the U.S., but globally–what’s out there and what to look for.  Bottom line:  it helps to know what you want to do.

Predictions of continued global growth in the clean energy economy, coupled with federal dollars and a powerful interest in learning the new clean technologies, spell a robust training environment.

According to the article, IREC’s Pat Fox Fox believes that a small amount of clean energy training can help those wishing to apply their skills to the renewable energy market.  “So, if someone has these basic skills that will translate well, they should look for training/educational programs that can give them foundational knowledge of renewable energy.”

Runyon cites IREC’s education resources–its University Courses database of 39 universities with courses or complete programs in Renewable Energy; and its training providers database of some 132 independent and community college programs that train installers in all technologies–as a great place to research what’s currently in place.  Each database is searchable by state and technology.  Listings are voluntary and entries are made by the providers themselves.  Some of the training programs have been awarded IREC’s ISPQ accreditation.

You can read Jennifer’s article in its entirety.

Published 9/13/10

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