Update on Oregon’s Large Generator Interconnection Rules

In April 2010, the Oregon PUC issued Order No. 10-132 for the interconnection of large generator facilities, defined as systems larger than 20 MW. The PUC approved interconnection procedures and a standard interconnection agreement based on FERC’s Large Generator Interconnection Procedures and Large Generator Interconnection Agreement.  With this addition, the PUC now has four versions of interconnection rules, those for 1) net metered systems up to 2 MW, 2) systems interconnecting to electric co-ops or municipal utilities, 3) Small Generator Facilities up to 10 MW, and 4) Large Generator Facilities over 20 MW.  The PUC has noted its intent to update the small generator rule to apply to generators up to 20 MW (to cover the existing gap for systems sized 10-20 MW) but is waiting to make a few other minor changes to the existing interconnection rule at the same time.

Currently there are no known systems in this 10-20 MW size range but hypothetically a small QF wishing to enter into an interconnection that falls in the 10-20 MW range may be able to choose either the large or small interconnection rules with little difference.  Tier 4 of the small generator interconnection procedure has the same elements as the large interconnection procedure with comparable fees.


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