Vermont PSB Interprets Meaning of 250kW Size Limit

The Vermont Public Service Board has denied an application by a solar energy developer for a project in Hinesburg, VT.  The project, proposed in May, was to consist of 36 pole-mounted photovoltaic arrays with a capacity of 143.6 kilowatts. It was to be connected to the same transformer as an existing project that has a capacity of 147.6 kilowatts. The issue the Public Service Board considered was a state limit on capacity of 250 kilowatts for net metering projects.

In June, the state Department of Public Service had determined that although it was a “difficult call,” the proposed and existing projects “should be counted as one project and as such would exceed the 250 kW cap.”

The developer disputed that interpretation, saying even though the new project would be at the same location as the existing one, it would have a separate owner and serve a different net metering group.

The Public Service Board, however, concluded that the developer ultimately was the person behind both projects, and the sum total of their output should be considered when applying the law.

Source: Burlington Free Press


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