Riverside CA Utility Proposes Annual Reconciliation Rate

Riverside, California’s public utility recently sent a proposed net-metering annual reconciliation rate of 5.8 cents per kilowatt hour to the city council. The net-metering rate applies to utility customers with a photovoltaic, wind or other or other renewable energy system.

Previously, net producers were able to carry any net excess generation over for a 12 month period and apply excess generation toward future bills. At the end of the period, any net excess generation was gifted to the utility without compensation. But, due to the passage of AB 920 the utility is now required to true up with customers after a 12 month period.

The utility will begin reimbursing customers in January, 2011. At its onset, the utility projects it will pay $6,600 annually to its net-metering customers. The utility foresees that 31 out of its 200 net-metering customers will receive payouts for their excess generation in 2011.

Source: Clean Energy Authority


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