Mississippi Opens the Door to Interconnection and Net Metering

On January 6, 2011, the Mississippi Public Service Commission issued an order establishing a docket (# 2011-AD-2) to investigate the development and implementation of net metering and interconnection standards.

The Commission has determined that a three-phrase proceeding would best suit this process. Phase I will allow interveners to identify specific issues which should be addressed in the possible net metering/interconnection rule and comment on what process should be utilized (collaborative or other ‘working group’) to solicit input from stakeholders and draft a proposed rule.  In addition, Phase I will be the proper venue for making the economic, technological, environmental, and sustainability case for net metering and interconnection standards in the state.  Comments submitted under Phase I should be filed with the Commission no later than March 1, 2011.

In order to move forward to Phases II and III, the Commission will need to determine if it is in the best interest of ratepayers in the state to proceed.  Phase II, if warranted, will be focused on developing a Proposed Rule.  Phase III will consist of the traditional rulemaking procedures consistent with the APA and MPSC rules.  Interested stakeholders will have the opportunity to intervene at the beginning of each phase of the docket.

Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and South Dakota are currently the only U.S. states that have no net metering option.  Three others (Texas, South Carolina and Idaho) have a policy that specifies voluntary utility guidelines for net metering. Eight states, including Mississippi, have no state-wide interconnection guidelines or procedures.

Source: Brent Bailey, 25x’25


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