News from DSIRE: 1/7/11

Though the holidays were festive and lively, that didn’t stop the DSIRE team to gather the latest news from the states. Here’s a peek at what happened recently:

DELAWARE – Delmarva Green Energy Program Revised
Effective December 10, 2010, incentives for both PV and wind are now set at $1.25/W for the first 5 kW, $0.75/W for the next 5 kW, and $0.35/W for the next 40 kW, up to $15,000 for residential installations and $24,000 for commercial installations. Incentive levels and the maximum incentive are doubled for systems installed by non-profits. Other notable changes include a requirement that installers offer energy audits and energy efficiency information to customers, energy efficiency requirements for new construction, and revised eligibility rules that allow systems
installed under power purchase agreements to qualify for incentives.

FLORIDA – Fort Lauderdale Unveils Energy Rebate Program
The City of Fort Lauderdale is now offering rebates for solar or gas water heaters, PV systems, and certain energy efficiency measures. Residents of Fort Lauderdale may receive a rebate for 50% of the cost of an eligible system. All rebates are capped at $1,000.

MICHIGAN – PACE Legislation Enacted
Michigan has enacted legislation (HB 5640) that authorizes local governments to issue bonds to fund energy improvements to business property. Property owners would repay local governments via a special assessment on property tax bills over a period of years. Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County reportedly have been beating the drum for the passage of state-level PACE legislation.

NEW MEXICO – Biomass Incentives Take Effect
Legislation enacted by the New Mexico legislature in March 2010 will provide incentives for agricultural biomass when the new law takes effect on January 1, 2011.  A tax credit worth $5 per wet ton is available for biomass transferred from a dairy or feedlot and is used to generate electricity or make biocrude or other liquid or gaseous fuel for commercial use. An aggregate total of $5 million in tax credits is available per year on a first-come, first-served basis.

NEW YORK – NYSERDA Launches Solar Thermal Incentive Program
NYSERDA’s new solar thermal incentive program springs from an April 2010 decision by the New York Public Service Commission to allow solar thermal systems that displace electricity use to qualify for “customer-sited tier”
incentives under the state’s RPS. Incentives are available for both residential and non-residential solar hot water installations, set at $1.50/kWh displaced annually, up to $4,000 for residential systems and $25,000 for non-residential systems.  A total of roughly $25 million is budgeted for the program through 2015.

TENNESSEE – Solar Innovation Grants Reinstated
The Tennessee Solar Institute has committed $7.25 million more in State Energy Program funding to the Solar Innovation Grant commercial program, which supports facility improvements for solar-related industries. This program offers grants of up to $500,000 to fund efficiency improvements, renewable energy installations, workforce training, and other projects that improve the bottom line of solar industries in Tennessee. The application deadline is January 20, 2011.


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