Massachusetts DPU Announces Valentine’s Day Hearing for Net Metering

 On February 7, 2011, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities issued a notice for an “Inquiry into Net Metering and Interconnection of Distributed Generation” The DPU scheduled the conference for February 14, 2011, perhaps as a Valentine’s present for solar?

The purpose of the technical conference is to engage participants in a discussion that identifies: (1) issues related to developing a system that provides an assurance of net metering eligibility; (2) issues related to net metering and interconnection of distributed generation facilities; (3) processes that could be used for resolving identified issues (e.g., working groups, additional technical conferences, DPU investigations); and (4) mechanisms for implementing solutions to identified issues.

The technical conference is intended to foster discussion about what issues exist, how to resolve them and what the next actions are to move forward in an efficient and effective manner. The DPU therefore anticipates that the technical conference will be the first step in a multiphase process.

For additional information, see the DPU notice about this hearing.


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