Oregon PUC Proposes Meter Aggregation Changes

The Oregon Public Utilities Commission has announced a public hearing on March 9, 2011, to discuss a proposed rulemaking regarding the meter aggregation provision for the state’s net metering rules.  Currently, it is prohibited to aggregate meters on different rate classes for the purpose of applying net metering credits to several different meters located on a customer’s property.

The proposed changes, found at the end of the notice, require that net metering credits be used primarily to offset onsite energy use but also provide a new stipulation that precludes electricity for charging electric vehicles that are not owned by or rented for the use of the net metering customer.

The proposal also stipulates:

  • If an entity received an Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit for the net metering facility, meters beyond those in the approved tax credit are subject to a non-residential rate schedule.
  • The rank order of aggregated meters is as follows: (a) All meters subject to the same rate schedule as the designated meter; (b) All non-residential meters if the designated meter is a non-residential meter; and (c) All other meters.
  • Once per year a customer may amend the rank order for the aggregated meters

See the filing or Docket No. AR 548 for more information.


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