News from DSIRE: week of 3/7/11

CALIFORNIA – Burbank Suspends Large Commercial PV Incentives
Burbank Water and Power announced February 25 that it would no longer accept applications for commercial PV systems over 30 kW until August 2013. Incentives for residential and commercial PV systems less than 30 kW are still available at this time.

CALIFORNIA – CEC Suspends Emerging Renewables Program
Citing a suspicious number of recent applications under which the incentive would fund almost 100% of the cost of a small wind turbine, the California Energy Commission temporarily suspended the Emerging Renewables Program on March 4. The Commission expressed concern that a 100% subsidy would reduce a consumer’s incentive for locating an adequate wind resource, thus rewarding poorly sited systems. The CEC is in the process of reviewing its program requirements and hopes to re-open the program in 60 – 120 days.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – Comments Sought on Renewables Incentives Revisions
The District of Columbia’s Renewable Energy Incentive Program was closed to new applications on February 11, due to insufficient funding and high program demand. The program is scheduled to re-open when additional funding becomes available in October 2011, but the District Department of the Environment is now seeking comments on reduced incentive levels. The current proposal would lower rebate amounts by 50% for most projects.

IDAHO – State Appliance Rebates Resurrected
After hibernating for several months, Idaho’s Residential Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program has re-opened. Rebates are available for energy-efficient appliances, including solar water-heating systems.  Program officials project that the program will close again by the end of March.

ILLINOIS – ISEA REC Aggregation Program Opens for 2011
The Illinois Solar Energy Association has reopened its REC Aggregation Program for 2011, increasing its offer to $200 per solar REC. This program is available to systems 10 kW or smaller that are connected to the grid. The program is capped at 160 RECs; applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

MARYLAND – Clean Energy Grants Back in Action
The Maryland Energy Administration has redesigned the Clean Energy Grant Program and the application process for the program. The Windswept program has a new pricing structure, and the maximum incentive has been increased to $75,000. In addition, local governments are now eligible for grants under the commercial solar program.

MICHIGAN – Deadlines Approach for Revolving Loans
Deadlines are approaching for two loan programs associated with the Michigan Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Revolving Loan Fund. Applications for the Clean Energy Advanced Manufacturing Loan Program are due March 15, and applications for the Farm Energy Loan program are due March 26. Pursuant to an executive order recently issued by Michigan’s governor, the administration of the Revolving Loan Fund will soon be transferred to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. This change will take place after the current solicitations are closed.

NEW JERSEY – Offshore Wind RPS Regulations Adopted
In August 2010, New Jersey enacted legislation requiring the creation of a percentage-based standard within the state’s RPS sufficient to result in the development of at least 1,100 MW of offshore wind capacity. In February 2011, the New Jersey BPU adopted rules to implement this requirement. These rules focus largely on the application process for developing a certified offshore wind project, including the specification of prices for offshore wind renewable energy certificates (ORECs) for approval by the BPU. The actual standard for a given year will be based on the projected amount of energy production from qualified operational offshore wind projects.

WASHINGTON – Curtains for Clallam County Solar Rebates
Until recently, Clallam County PUD offered rebates for residential customers for PV and solar water heating systems. Funding for this program is exhausted, and the program is now closed.


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