News from DSIRE: week of March 21, 2011

DELAWARE – Dover Revises Green Energy Program Incentives
Dover’s Green Energy Program incentives have been revised to offer rebates ranging from $0.35 – $1.25/watt for residential and commercial PV and small wind systems, and $1.00/annual kilowatt-hour (kWh) displaced for solar thermal systems. For PV systems, non-profit or public entities are eligible for enhanced incentives ranging from $0.70 – $2.50/watt.  The revised incentive structure is very similar to that now offered by Delaware’s only investor-owned utility, Delmarva Power and Light, although the incentive for the Dover program is lower.

FLORIDA – Progress Energy Florida Opens SunSense Program
As of March 15, the Progress Energy SunSense Program is open in Florida. The program increases the existing solar water heater rebate to $550 and offers rebates for commercial and residential PV installations. Residential customers can receive $2/watt for PV systems up to 10 kilowatts (kW). Commercial customers can receive rebates based on a tiered structure for systems up to 100 kW.

HAWAII – Solar Water Heater Rebates Double
For a short time – mid-March through the end of May, or until funding runs out – Hawaii Energy’s Solar Water Heater Rebates for residential systems will increase from $750 per system to $1,500 per system.  Program administrators are using ARRA funds increase the rebate with the goal of stimulating investment in solar water heating systems.

NEW JERSEY – Small Wind Incentive Program in the Doldrums
The New Jersey Clean Energy Program has issued a notice suspending the wind portion of the state’s Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP). During the suspension, which is characterized as temporary, no new wind applications will be accepted and rebate processing will cease.

NEW YORK – NYSERDA Re-Opens Fuel Cell Incentives Program
NYSERDA provides incentives for small fuel cell systems with a capacity of up to 25 kilowatts (kW) and large fuel cells with a capacity of greater than 25 kW as part of the Customer-Sited Tier (CST) of the state renewable portfolio standard (RPS). The current program provides large fuel cells with a basic capacity incentive of $1,000/kW, a bonus capacity incentive of up to $500/kW for facilities that provide uninterrupted power for essential services, and a performance-based incentive of $0.15/kWh for energy production over three years. Small fuel cell systems are only eligible for the performance-based incentive. Incentives are capped at $1 million for large fuel cells and $50,000 for small systems.

NEW YORK – NYSERDA Unveils Regional Incentives for PV and Renewable Biogas
The newly created Customer-Sited Tier (CST) Regional Program offers both up-front and performance-based incentives for behind-the-meter photovoltaic (PV) and renewable biogas systems larger than 50 kilowatts (kW) and located in NYISO Zones G, H, I, and J. The program is competitive in nature and applicants are required to submit bids for incentives during periodic funding rounds. Up to 30% of the total incentive is available in the form of upfront payments based on expected system energy production, and the remaining 70% is paid annually as a performance-based incentive. Incentives are capped at $3 million per applicant per round.

PENNSYVLVANIA – Pennsylvania Sunshine Backs Up Residential Solar Installations
The Pennsylvania Sunshine program, a statewide rebate program supporting residential and small business photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot water systems, recently introduced additional rebates for residential battery back-up systems. Rebates of $0.35 – $1.00/amp-hour are now available for residential systems from 1 – 10 kilowatts (kW) with battery back-up systems installed on or after September 1, 2010. The incentive available for a given system is determined by the rebate step under which the PV system was or will be supported. The residential PV program is currently on the fourth and final step ($0.75/kW) of the incentive schedule.

UTAH – Utility to Provide PV Rebates
Rocky Mountain Power will accept applications for the 2011 PV rebate program beginning March 24 at 8:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time.  The rebate has been reduced from the $2.00/watt offered in previous years to $1.55/watt.  The program is limited to a total of 170 kilowatts (kW), with 72 kW reserved for residential systems and 58 kW for non-residential systems.  In previous years, this program has sold out very quickly.

WISCONSIN – Wisconsin Wind Siting Rules Suspended Indefinitely
Wind siting rules for the state of Wisconsin have been suspended indefinitely. The Joint Committee for the Review of Administrative Rules voted on March 1 to suspend the rules that were scheduled to take effect that day. The rules were created and agreed upon in December 2010 by an advisory council created by the Public Service Commission.




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