CONNECTICUT: Interest in Small-Scale Power Generation Growing

Attendance doubles at 2011 installer seminar

Interest in small-scale and alternative power generation is growing among Connecticut businesses, and knowledge about the process is a hot topic this year.

More than 40 contractors, developers and installers from across the state recently attended a Distributed Generation installer seminar organized by Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) and United Illuminating, twice as many as in previous years.

Held at CL&P’s Berlin headquarters, the event included an overview of CL&P and United Illuminating distribution interconnection guidelines, material on “lessons learned” and how to submit a complete, successful application.

“People want to learn more about how to save on energy costs and alternative ways to generate power,” said Dave Ferrante, supervisor of Distributed Resources at CL&P. “The feedback we received from the seminar was overwhelmingly positive. There is a real need for knowledge about this kind of energy alternative and we’re pleased so many customers are taking advantage of the opportunity.”

Distributed generation produces electricity from many small energy sources interconnected to the electrical grid.  It is also commonly referred to as on-site generation or co-generation. Whether it takes the form of wind, solar or geothermal power, distributed generation can lower costs, improve reliability, reduce emissions, or expand a customer’s energy options.

Incentives for distributed generation projects, such as low interest loans and discounts for natural gas, are available for qualified applicants through the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.  These programs and incentives are funded by CL&P customers through a charge on monthly utility bills.

For more information on distributed generation and how to submit a complete and successful application, visit

Source: Connecticut Light & Power


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