Massachusetts DOER seeks interconnection feed back

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources has created a survey for previous interconnection customers in order to gain feedback to inform the current interconnection procedures revision process.

Respondents must have had experience interconnecting distributed generation systems in Massachusetts. Survey questions assume familiarity with the Massachusetts utility Interconnection Tariffs. Respondents may find it useful to have a copy of a tariff on hand during the survey (the tariffs for each utility are available at the Mass. DG and Interconnection website.

The DOER requests customers to participate in the on-line survey before 5 PM on Monday, April 11. The survey should take no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Please feel free to send the survey link to others who have had experience with the Mass. DG Interconnection process. 
  • This survey is not limited to a pre-selected statistical sample, so all input is welcome.
  • If Respondents are interrupted in the middle of the survey, they can resume from their last location in the survey, as long as the same computer is used.
  • Respondents willing to provide more detailed comment after the survey may do so through a supplemental Excel spreadsheet that is available on the DG and Interconnection site. This reply option is open through April 13

This survey is one component of a comprehensive examination of Massachusetts’ current DG Interconnection processes.  Other steps include national research into “best practices,” data from the experience of past DG applicants in Mass., and technical solution sessions.  The survey results and all other study components will be integrated into the final consultants’ report.  The report will also recommend ways to address challenges identified in this examination.


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