New Hampshire PUC issues proposed rules for net metering

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission has issued proposed rules that would increase the allowable net metering for systems from 100 kW to 1 MW. These rules come as a result of HB 1353, enacted in 2010.  The aggregate participation limit was also raised from 1% of a utility’s annual peak demand to a number derived from multiplying 50 MWs by the utility’s percentage share of the total 2010 annual coincident peak energy demand for New Hampshire.


The proposed rules define a small customer generator as one with a system under the current size limit (100 kW) and a large customer generator as one with a system between 100 kW and 1 MW.

Small generators must have a single meter capable of recording the customer’s net energy usage and which measures both the customer’s use from the utility and the production from the customer’s generation facility (but small customers are not required to pay for the meter). Large customers must have a bi-directional metering system that records the total amount of electricity that the customer takes from the distribution utility and the production from the customer’s generation facility. Such meters must record measurements instantaneously or over intervals of an hour or less (and large customers must pay for the installation of the meter).


For small generators, if net excess generation exceeds 600 kWh, the customer-generator may elect to receive an annual payment from the utility equal to the economic value of accumulated surplus (essentially the avoided cost plus the capacity value), otherwise the credits will roll over to the next month. Large customers may elect to roll credits over to the next month or receive the avoided cost and capacity value payment if they have experienced at least one billing cycle with surplus kWh during the year.


Renewable energy certificates associated with the customer-generator’s facility remain the property of the customer until they are sold or transferred.



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