Alaska RCA Adopts Final Interconnection Rules

After a lengthy proceeding that lasted several years, on May 5, 2011, the Alaska Regulatory Commission issued a final order adopting the proposed Interconnection Procedures. The rules are relatively general in nature and act more as a guideline for utilities to use in creating their own interconnection procedures. 


The proposed interconnection regulations require each electric utility subject to net metering requirements to submit a revised tariff containing interconnection rules.

Each utility’s rule set must:

  • Be based on nationally-recognized standards (The rules mention IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 as guidelines but do not mandate they be followed.)
  • Integrate reasonable insurance requirements (provided such coverage is readily available and of a reasonable cost to the consumer)
  • Allocate the costs of disconnection switches (the customer pays for the cost of the external disconnect switch),
  • Supply an interconnection application form that does not exceed 2 pages in length


For more information, see Rule 3 AAC 50.940 or RCA Docket R-09-002.  Utilities are required to comply within 6 months after these regulations take effect.


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