Licensing (General)
A contractor must possess the general license that is appropriate to the type of solar device being installed.  Installers of a solar water heater or a photovoltaic device shall possess an appropriate contractor’s license.   A contractor must qualify as a solar contractor to install, alter or repair a solar device.

Licensing (PV)
An installer of PV must have an electrician’s license (A-17, C11, L11, K11)

Licensing (Solar thermal)
An installer of solar thermal must possess a plumbers license (C-37, C-37R, K-77, K-78, L-77, L-78)

Residential and Commercial General Contracting and Remolding Licenses may contract for solar installations. However, all work pertaining to the installation must be subcontracted to a properly licensed solar plumbing, air conditioning, boiler, electrical or swimming pool contractor. An exception is that the A-General, B-4 General and KA-Dual Engineering Licenses may perform solar installations. Roofing tile that function as solar collectors must be installed by a C-42, L-42 or K-42, roofing contractor. However, connection of these tiles to the electrical system can only be performed by a licensed electrical contractor. If a solar energy device is designed or installed by the final owner, license requirements are waived. Additionally, any devices (solar or otherwise) mounted on the roof that significantly impacts, may compromise the roof components or may void the existing roof warranty, may require inspection and/or installation by a licensed roofing contractor.

Electric code: No statewide code; check local municipality. Residential, commercial, and industrial work must be performed in accordance with the FHA Minimum Property Standards and Manual of Acceptable Practices.

Licensing body: Arizona Registrar of Contractors

Reciprocity: California, Nevada, and Utah



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