The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved fives certificates of service that will enable  companies to install distributed generation facilities, including solar panels, wind turbines, natural gas generators and fuel cells, in Illinois.

As of January 1, 2014, all entities that install distributed generation facilities, with the exception of self-installers, are required to be certified by the ICC.

The rules require each certified company to ensure that its employees, agents or contractors will:

  • Comply with applicable building and electrical codes including those contained in the National Electrical Code;
  •  Install only distributed generation facilities that meet recognized industry standards and comply with manufacturers installation instructions;
  • Comply with applicable licensing and municipal bonding requirements;
  • Allow only qualified persons and/or electrical contractors or persons enrolled in training programs, who are supervised by qualified persons, to install distributed generation facilities.

The Public Utilities Act was recently amended to authorize the ICC to determine what entities are subject to certification requirements and set reasonable certification fees and penalties.  The ICC has also been charged with investigating any violations, adopting procedures for renewal of certificates, establishing conditions for revocation, probation or suspension or other disciplinary procedures.




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