Licensing (PV)

  • In most cases, any electrical work that interfaces with the utility is required to have an electrical permit which can only be obtained by a licensed master electrician
  • A Master electrician’s license is required to pull the electrical permit. Permits to provide electrical services are issued by the local jurisdiction.  You should contact the permit and inspection authority for the local jurisdiction to determine the requirements within that jurisdiction.
  • A Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) contractor license is required to install panels on residential property
  • Maryland does not require an individual to hold a state license while the individual provides electrical services as an employee or subordinate of a master electrician licensed by the State Board if the individual provides electrical services while under the control and supervision of the licensee; and the licensee is responsible for the electrical services that the individual provides
  • There may be additional local jurisdiction requirements
    • Somerset and Caroline Counties offer additional licenses for
      • Electrician, General – requires at least three years of practical experience; training in a technical school or related field may be substituted for not more than one year of experience
      • Electrician, Limited – requires at least two years of practical experience
  • Most local jurisdictions also issue electrician licenses, which are required to work in the locality

Education/experience requirement:

  • All applicants for a master electrician’s license must be regularly engaged in or employed to provide electrical services for all categories of electrical equipment for at least seven years, while under the direction and supervision of a master electrician
  • The State Board may allow an applicant up to three years of credit toward the experience required, if the State Board determines that the applicant has completed a formal course of study or professional training in electrical installation comparable to the required experience

Examination: Yes.  Administered by State Board of Master Electricians.

 Licensing (Solar thermal)

  • A master plumber’s license is required to pull the plumbing permit which is required to make connections to potable water system
  • You must be a licensed apprentice, journey or master plumber to work in the state.  Apprentices must be licensed, supervised and under the control of a master or journey level state licensee present on the job site and are not permitted to do any plumbing work alone

License duration: Two years

Electric code: Set by individual counties; Annapolis County has adopted NEC 2002 edition; Baltimore and Frederick Counties have adopted NEC 2008 edition; Somerset County utilizes the most current version of the NEC.

 Permitting notes

  • A building permit is required to mount panels on the roof
  • Solar installations are regulated through state and county building inspectors offices like any home improvement. All systems require a building permit, and solar electric systems that are grid-connected or for back-up emergency power require electrical permits. Systems for solar water heating or space heating require plumbing or mechanical permits

Reciprocity: Virginia and Delaware.  Additionally, State and master electrician licenses issued by a local jurisdiction of Maryland are reciprocal.


  1. Maryland Energy Administration
  2. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
  3. Maryland, DC, Virginia – Solar Energy Industries Association (MDV-SEIA)



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