Licensing (General)
Building permits are required any time solar thermal or solar PV is placed on a roof or ground rack due to new roof loads and/or wind issues.

A Construction supervisor’s license (either an unrestricted CSL or a restricted one and two family CSL) is required when solar thermal work is involved and the building is a one or two family, stand-alone dwelling or is a small commercial building (less than 35,000 feet of aggregate volume (L x WxH).

A CSL is not required for solar PV installs as the Board of State Examiners of Electricians has ruled that all such PV install work requires a Massachusetts licensed electrician (an example of an exemption from the CSL is when a tradesperson, licensed by another state agency, is working under the umbrella of his/her trade license).

Licensing (PV)
All aspects of a PV installation are considered electrical work and must be done by a properly permitted and licensed electrician.  Mass building code and states that any electrical generating equipment and ancillary equipment must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Interconnection with the electrical service requires the services of a licensed electrician and an electrical permit is required.

Electrical code: 2017 NEC Code and 2018 I-Codes

Reciprocity: Reciprocity with NH licensees only


  1. Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
  2. Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  3. Office of Public Safety and Inspections
  4. Division of Professional Licensure, Board of State Examiners of Electricians

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