New Jersey

Licensing (General)

  • Registration with the state is required to do business in New Jersey.  A home improvement contractor is any person engaged in the business of selling goods or making home improvements
  • Plumbers, electricians and home improvement contractors are licensed in New Jersey
  • License duration:  electricians = three years; plumbers = two years

 Licensing (Solar thermal)

  • A master plumber’s license is required to install solar hot water because you are working with the domestic potable water.  The solar panel can be installed without a plumbers license, but the tank and the piping has to be done by a licensed master plumber
  • Solar heat transfer tank and the solar piping require a master plumber’s license
  • The installation of solar panels requires a home improvement registration
  • A licensed electrician is required to wire the pumps to circulate the glycol and any other low voltage wiring involvedReciprocity: None

 Resources: New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs  


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