Licensing (General)
The state only has jurisdiction over commercial buildings in Ohio.  Residential buildings are regulated by the local building departments.

Licensing (PV – Commercial)
If the solar panel is being used strictly for energy purposes, it would only require a state contractor’s electrical license.

Licensing (Solar thermal – Commercial)
If the solar panel is being used to heat the building, it would require a State Contractor’s HVAC License.  It would also require a state contractor’s electrical license for any wiring to the pane.

West Virginia and North Carolina (electrical only), Kentucky (HVAC and electrical), and Louisiana (electrical, HVAC, refrigeration and hydronics), Tennessee (electrical, HVAC, refrigeration), South Carolina (electrical, HVAC and plumbing)

Incentive notes
PV – must hold an electrical contractors license or be North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified.


  1. Ohio Development Services Agency
  2. Ohio Department of Commerce

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