Licensing (PV)
An electrical permit is required to install electrical wiring in public buildings.  Panels located on roofs must meet clearance requirements of 2012 NFPA 1 section 11.12.

Licensing (Solar thermal)
The Vermont Energy Efficiency and Affordability Act (H.520, Section 28) establishes a Solar System Installation Specialty License, a new plumbing specialty license for solar hot water heating installations.

Solar System Specialist:  Installation, replacement and repair of residential, industrial or commercial domestic solar heating systems for use as a supplemental or pre‑heat source.  Systems shall include; passive or active design, collectors, storage tanks, heat exchangers, piping, safety devices and related materials.  The Solar System Specialist shall only connect to new or existing domestic hot water supply tanks, including instantaneous heaters, as well as tanks or heat exchangers supplementing hydronic space heating systems.  At no time shall a Solar System Specialist install, replace and repair any other part of a domestic hot water supply or hydronic space heating system.

Reciprocity: Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire


State of Vermont Division of Fire Safety


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