Licensing (PV)
To perform electrical work, on property other than your own, all electrical work must be performed by an appropriately licensed electrical contractor using certified electricians. The State of Washington does not have specific solar license or worker certification classifications.

Electrical contractor licensing and electrical worker certification work scopes are found in WAC 296-46B-920.

Most electrical work needs a permit and inspection. The Washington Department of Labor and Industries conducts inspections for the permits they issue.  Some cities have jurisdiction to issue permits and conduct inspections.

Green Power Generation System Installation: What You Should Know Before Doing Any Electrical Work Fact sheet: Explains that an electrical permit and inspection are required for most new, remodel, and maintenance electrical work. Provides information specific to the installation of green power generation systems

Hire an Electrical Contractor? Should you do it yourself or hire an electrical contractor? If you do hire a contractor, here are some helpful tips for property owners about working with an electrical contractor.

Electrical Permit Basics Most new, remodel, and maintenance electrical work requires a permit. Find out whether your project requires one and how to get it.

Electrical Inspection Basics Your electrical installation must be inspected to safeguard lives and property. Find out how to get it inspected.

Reciprocity: None

Resources: Washington State Department of Labor & Industries




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