West Virginia

Licensing (PV)
An electrical license is not required for installing the PV system, however, an electrical license is required to make the final determinations into the electrical grid of the structure.  At minimum, a single family electrical license is required for residential occupancies and a journeyman license for commercial/industrial.

Licensing (Solar thermal)
Each person performing plumbing work must have plumbing license.

Electric code: NEC 2008 edition

West Virginia passed legislation in June 2009 authorizing its solar energy tax credit for residential installations. The tax credit, which is 30% of the cost to purchase and install the system, is capped at $2,000. Eligible technologies include systems that use solar energy to generate electricity, heat or cool a residence, or provide hot water or solar process heat for use in the residence. Solar systems for heating a pool or hot tub are not eligible. The solar energy systems installed to provide hot water must derive 50% or more of its energy to heat or cool from the sun. If the credit exceeds the taxpayer’s liability, the unused portion of the credit may be carried forward to “each of the next taxable years” until it is used (but may not be carried forward past July 1, 2014).

The West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office recognizes reciprocity with several jurisdictions. Regardless of the jurisdiction, each applicant must possess the minimum WV requirements for licensure.  Reciprocity can only be granted if the individual tested under the current licensing entity and with proof of successfully passing an examination. Individuals who previously held a WV electrician’s license and allowed it to expire ARE NOT eligible for reciprocity.

Virginia, master and journeyman classifications
Ohio, master classification
North Carolina, master classification
Kentucky, master and journeyman classifications
WV Division of Labor, Contractor’s Board, master classification


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