Licensing (PV)
If unique additional building loads are created by the addition of a solar heating system on a commercial building, which would include the movement or use of water, or the addition of weighted assemblies, building plans may be required to be submitted for review by the Division of Safety & Buildings or a certified municipality under the International Building Code. Additionally, general information on the installation of solar systems is required to be addressed under the adopted edition of the International Mechanical Code (IMC) Chapter 14.  Such installations may require plan submittal.

Licensing (Solar thermal)
If the proposed solar system should involve the installation of heating ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC), contractors in Wisconsin involved in the installing or servicing of heating ventilating or air conditioning equipment are required to hold an HVAC contractors license unless an exception listed exception under Comm 5.70 is met.

If the proposed solar system should involve potable water, a person with a master plumber license would need to have oversight or be part of the work associated with the potable portion of the installation. The requirements for such licenses are addressed under Comm 5.90.

Local municipalities may adopt requirements that are more restrictive than the State of Wisconsin, as allowed by State Statute. Those proposing to perform work in specific municipality are encouraged to contact that municipality for the actions required to be taken per the local rules.

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