Small Wind Webinars Available Online

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) hosts webinars of interest to people in the small wind community.  Audio recordings and print transcripts are available on the NREL website at

The September 1st webinar was titled Tools and Techniques for Assessing Energy Yield Potential for Small Wind Turbines. Shawn Shaw, of The Cadmus Group, discussed some of the challenges of estimating the energy output of small wind turbines. These systems, typically installed at the residential and light commercial scales, do not have the benefit of expensive meteorological studies to make accurate energy yield predictions. Instead, there are various computer models, rules of thumb, and assumptions made to calculate annual energy yield. However, these approaches are not always consistent with actual, measured, performance data. In addition to discussing these general challenges, tools, and techniques, Mr. Shaw demonstrated the use of online tools, such as the Small Wind Energy Evaluation Tool (SWEET) to improve the accuracy of pre-installation performance predictions. NREL and the American Solar Energy Society Small Wind Division co-hosted the webinar, which is now available online.

Previous topics in the series include:

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the Wind for Schools Project,

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