IREC ISPQ Credentialing Program announces updates to Candidate Handbook

September 13, 2011 – The IREC ISPQ Candidate Handbook serves as a primary resource for training providers who are applying for or have been awarded an IREC ISPQ credential. As the IREC ISPQ program grows, we seek to implement updates and improvements to our program to address questions and feedback from our candidates and to maintain a high quality standard assessment process.

The current updates, as reflected in the new Candidate Handbook, include:

  • Change the terms audit and auditor to assessment and assessor.
  • Change the term task analysis to job task analysis.
  • Language indicating candidates are required to use the most up-to-date IREC ISPQ-approved Job Task Analysis available on the IREC website.
  • Eligibility requirements for Certified Affiliated Master Trainer have been adjusted to be in closer alignment with the IREC ISPQ Standard 01022.

Download the IREC ISPQ Candidate Handbook for Standard 01022 and view a summary of changes to the candidate handbook from our key docs page.


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