News from DSIRE: week of 10/3/11

CALIFORNIAPV Incentives for New Homes Step Down
California’s New Solar Homes Partnership provides incentives for homebuilders to install PV on new homes. The incentives were designed, like the California Solar Initiative’s incentives, to step down over time as specific capacity targets are met. Despite a sluggish housing market, this program reached its first target in mid-September, triggering the first step-down of incentives.

CONNECTICUT – Fresh Funding for Non-Residential PV
Connecticut’s On-Site Renewable Distributed Generation Program took effect in 2005. For PV, this is the program’s last request for proposals, as the state transitions to new financing mechanisms (including ZRECs and LRECs), thanks to the omnibus energy bill enacted earlier this year. A total of $4.5 million is available to non-residential entities in CL&P’s or UI’s service territories. Proposals will be chosen based on project economics, technology appropriateness, feasibility and probability of completion, and societal benefits. This program is administered by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (formerly the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund)

FLORIDA – Progress Energy to Reactivate SunSense Rebates
On October 4, Progress Energy will begin accepting applications for PV rebates for the 2012 program year. Applicants must own and PV system and occupy the home where the system is installed.

FLORIDA – FPL Solar Program Swamped
Due to strong customer demand, all of FPL’s 2011 rebate funds for residential solar water heating and PV installations have been reserved. Applicants who did not receive a rebate for 2011 may apply for 2012 rebates beginning in October 2011.

FLORIDA – Tampa Electric to Award Another $1 Million in PV Rebates
After allocating $1 million in rebates at the speed of light in September, Tampa Electric injected an additional $1 million into its PV rebate program and will begin accepting applications again on October 3. This fresh cash infusion represents 2012 program funding; rebates will not be paid out until 2012. Given the speed with which the first $1 million was claimed, Tampa Electric customers interested in the program should act quickly. The program may be closed again by the time you read this.

FLORIDA – State Throws Cash at Disgruntled Solar Rebate Applicants
Florida will allocate $25 million to the estimated 10,900 residential and commercial rebate applications in the queue for the state’s exhausted solar rebate program. Rebates will be paid at approximately $0.55 on the dollar, with checks slated will go out at the end of September and in October.

ILLINOIS – DCEO Solar, Wind Rebates Scarfed Down
The Illinois Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program, which offered capacity-based rebates up to $30,000 under the most recent funding round, has reached full capacity and closed on September 20 (11 days after opening). The next round of program funding will be available after July 1, 2012

MASSACHUSETTS – Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program
This rebate program is closed to expedited installers. It will re-open in early October.

MAINE – Interconnection, Net Metering Under Revision
Earlier this summer, Maine enacted legislation requiring the Public Utilities Commission to amend its rules and develop contract terms for both net energy billing and interconnection. The PUC began that process in August by opening an inquiry to solicit input and comments on these policies. Proposed rules will be available for review and comment in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

NEVADAPV Rebate Application Window Shuts
After accepting applications for a little less than two weeks, as planned, NV Energy has closed the door to new applications. Instead of incentives being awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, winners will be selected in true Nevada fashion — by lottery. Winners will be announced on the NV Energy web site on October 4, 2011. Cross your fingers.

PUERTO RICO – PV, Wind Grant Applications Accepted 10/1 – 10/5
Puerto Rico’s Tier II grant program is accepting applications October 1 to October 5th for PV and wind projects greater than 100 kW and up to 1 MW. Funding comes from the Puerto Rico’s Green Energy Fund, which was established in July 2010 to support the growth of renewables on the island. Act fast!




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