News from DSIRE: week of 11/28/11


HAWAII – New FIT Rates Approved
About a year after approving the rates for Tiers 1 and 2 of the state’s feed-in tariff, the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission has finalized rates for Tier 3. Tier 3 rates were approved on November 22, and revised tariffs must be filed by December 6. Currently, in-line hydropower’s eligibility for Tier 3 has been deferred. Concentrating solar power projects under are capped at 33% of the aggregate feed-in tariff cap for each of the HECO companies. Rates vary by technology and system size.

IDAHO – Gas Utility Unveils Solar Rebates
Questar Gas is offering a $750 rebate to Idaho customers who install a solar water heating system. To qualify, the solar water heating system must be backed up by gas heat. Questar Gas is the only utility in Idaho known to offer rebates for solar energy.

OREGON – Renewables Tax Credit Auction Opens, Shuts
In late October, the Oregon Department of Revenue opened bidding for 1,500 renewable energy tax credit certificates, pursuant to legislation enacted earlier in 2011 (HB 3672). Each certificate is worth $1,000, and the minimum bid per certificate is $950. The proceeds of this tax credit auction will fund a renewable energy grant program; the rules for that program are still under development.

SOUTH CAROLINA – Biomass Tax Credit Extended to Individuals
The South Carolina Department of Revenue has announced that the state’s biomass energy tax credit may be applied to an individual’s income taxes. Specifically, a limited liability company utilizing the biomass tax credit is allowed to pass through the credit to the shareholders of an S corporation owning 60% of the parent LLC, provided there are at least four shareholders and all are South Carolina residents.

TEXAS – Entergy Retires Pilot PV Program
Entergy has announced that it will not offer the Pilot Photovoltaic Program in 2012. The current 2011 program ended in August, when program funds were fully allocated. The pilot program began in 2009.

TEXAS – Sun Sets on Utility Solar-Thermal Program
Oncor recently announced that it will not continue its solar water heating program in 2012. Service providers must complete relevant projects and submit the required program paperwork by December 9. This program was launched in 2009.




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