MINNESOTA: Turbine Bulk Buy Program Aimed at Furthering Small Wind Development

Windustry and the Region Nine Renewable Energy Task Force are managing a Small Wind Bulk Buy Program to help rural enterprises take advantage of the state’s wind resources and net-metering laws.

The program is supported by a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant to further wind, and the consequent economic development in the region. It provides Small Wind 101 training sessions, as well as technical and logistical support, including wind resource evaluation, site selection, economic evaluation, turbine selection, and support with permitting.

The bulk purchase will be for machines ranging in size from 2.4 kW to 35kW, including Bergey 10kW, WTIC Jacobs 20kW, and Endurance 35kW wind turbines. Discounted pricing is being negotiated with the manufacturers, and dealers are being vetted and discounts negotiated.

Windustry Program Analyst Dan Turner said that judging from the interest so far, this program will result in a significant step toward installing a base of small wind turbines in the region and creating an entry to further small wind development.

It makes small wind turbines more attractive as investments both to offset electric bills and generate revenue. Industry growth in the area engages a local workforce trained to install and maintain small wind turbines, stimulates supply chain business development, and keeps energy dollars local to maintain and build the rural economy.

For information about the Turbine Bulk Buy Program, contact Jon Hammel at 507-389-8863.

Source: Windustry



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