SWCC Issues First Two Full Certifications

January 24, 2012

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) has issued its first two full certifications and consumer labels to the Bergey Windpower Excel 10 and the Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7.

The consumer labels show the Rated Annual Energy, the Rated Sound Level and Rated Power. SWCC has also published official certificates and Summary Reports for the Excel 10 and Skystream 3.7. The reports contain each turbine’s respective tabulated power curve and acoustic data, tower design requirements, and confirms that each meets all of the AWEA Standard’s requirements on durability, mechanical strength, safety and function.

SWCC also awarded Conditional Temporary Certification to the Xzeres-442SR, which joins the Evance R9000, and the Evoco 10 kW in achieving this milestone. Before SWCC releases consumer labels for conditionally certified turbine models, these applicants must meet a few additional requirements of the AWEA Standard and submit a full application package, including acoustics data reanalysis, to SWCC for evaluation.

With SWCC certification, consumers can compare products, and funding agencies and utilities will gain greater confidence that small turbines installed with public assistance have been tested for safety, function, performance and durability and meet requirements of consensus standards. Certification helps prevent unethical marketing and false claims, ensuring consumer protection and industry credibility.

For more information, visit SWCC’s website.

Source: Small Wind Certification Council


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