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Note from the Editor

Governments may not always be able to change course as quickly as the private sector, but once they put their policies behind an idea, they have the ability to make things happen on quite a large scale. Such has been the evolution of government initiatives to source more power from renewable energy resources.  Over the last decade, government agencies have worked to put in place a number of renewable energy policies and goals; now I think we are about to see a few of them change course in a major way.

Military agencies are a good example.  A joint initiative formed between the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy (DoE) in 2008 led to a task force to examine the potential for net-zero energy military bases, which would produce as much on-site energy from renewable resources as the bases consume.  The near-term Army goal is to have 25 net-zero bases by 2030, and the Army is well under way toward this goal.  If the Army continues along this path, the result could be a massive deployment of renewable technologies.

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State News in Detail

Northeast States

Massachusetts DPU establishes DG working group; issues net metering order

New York Solar company asks for net metering tariff update


Mid-Atlantic States              

New Jersey passes DG standby charge bill; prepares for SREC updates


Southern States    

Alabama Army Center issues draft RFP for $7B, 30-year renewable energy contracts

Arkansas PSC debates indemnification provisions for DG

Texas utility proposes tariff with a solar penalty


Western States                      

California PUC issues friendly net metering reminder

Colorado utility and city debate over long-term DG incentives


Upcoming Events


Miscellaneous News

New Report Assesses the Rate Impact of Net Energy Metering

ARPA-E Issues Call for Transformational Energy Technologies

NREL Technical Paper Examines Capacity Screen For Interconnection Procedures



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