IREC ISPQ Announces New Awardees

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) announced today that 20 organizations and trainers nationwide have been recognized in the past few months with the prestigious IREC ISPQ credential.

The IREC ISPQ Credentialing Program uses an international framework to assess content, quality, and resources across a broad range of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and weatherization training programs. This process leads to defined workplace knowledge and skills, and ensures the legitimacy of what is being taught and by whom. An IREC ISPQ credential sends a signal to students, potential employers and other industry stakeholders that a rigorous standard has been met.

The trainers and organizations listed below have stepped up to the IREC ISPQ challenge, successfully completing a rigorous assessment process for their administrative infrastructure, facilities, hardware, faculty, safety practices and curriculum.

Affiliated Instructor Certification
Craig Buttke, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Tommy Jacoby, Solar Energy International
Mike Joyce, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
John O’Donohue, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Isaac Opalinsky, SunPower Corporation
Catherine Redson, SolPowerPeople, Inc

Affiliated Master Trainer Certification
James Haynes, ONTILITY, LLC
Richard Stovall, SolPowerPeople, Inc
Tim Wilhelm, Kankakee Community College

Continuing Education Provider Accreditation
Continuing Education Providers are institutions that offer short courses or workshops for the professional development of participants.

Ambassador Energy, Inc.
Entry Level Solar PV Design and Installation

American Institute of Renewable Energy (AIRE)  (provisional to full accreditation)
PV105 5-Day Solar Entry Level Design and Installation Course

Buckville Energy Consulting (provisional to full accreditation)
Wind Turbine Design and Construction
Wind Power Reality
Renewable Energy Systems and Firefighter Safety (Suggested Response Guidelines)
Off-Grid Systems for Remote Locations (Provisional)

CleanEdison, Inc.
5-Day Boot Camp:
Solar PV Fundamentals
Solar PV Sales and Estimation
Solar PV Installation
Solar PV Design
Solar 101

Krannich Solar, Inc. (provisional)
5-Day Entry Level Solar PV Design and Installation Boot Camp

Solar Academy International (provisional to full accreditation)
Five Day Solar PV Design and Installation Course

SolPowerPeople, Inc. (provisional accreditation)
SPV2000 SolPowerPeople Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Foundations Workshop
SPV3000 SolPowerPeople Advanced PV Systems Design & Installation Workshop

Sun Pirate, Inc.
Solar Heating System Design & Installation Online Course (60 Hours)

Training Program Accreditation
Accredited training programs provide evidence that graduates achieve the necessary knowledge and skills to perform successfully on the job. These programs teach all tasks and subtasks defined for a job through a Job Task Analysis.

SUNY Delhi, Technology Division
Photovoltaic Design and Installation Basics Workshop
Electrical Construction & Maintenance Technologies (ECMT) 175 – Photovoltaic Design and Installation

North Carolina Solar Center at NC State University
Basics of Business and Technology of Solar Thermal
Solar Heating and Cooling Instructor Training
Electric Generation with Photovoltaic Systems
Photovoltaic Instructor Training

A comprehensive list of those holding IREC ISPQ credentials can be found on the IREC website under IREC ISPQ Awardees.


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