Washington UTC directs collaborative process to update state interconnection procedures

On Thursday, March 29, 2012, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission held a workshop to discuss comments filed in the current interconnection rulemaking proceeding. In joint comments, the Washington Public Utility District Association (WAPUDA), the Washington Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (WRECA) and the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) proposed that interested stakeholders form a collaborative discussion with technical staff from electric utilities, both public and private, about possible rule changes and to bring that discussion back to the Commission for formal consideration in the rulemaking. This proposal, as well as other stakeholder comments are available for inspection on the Commission’s website at www.utc.wa.gov/112133.


At the workshop, the Commission found wide stakeholders support to pursue the collaborative discussions proposed by WAPUDA, WRECA and AWC. The Interconnection Workgroup has therefore agreed to hold its first meeting on April 19, 2012.


At the workshop, stakeholders participating in the collaborative agreed to provide the Commission a status report by the end of May, with a final report from the Interconnection Workgroup submitted to the Commission by June 30, 2012. The report will indicate areas of agreement and proposed language for changes to the rules, as well as a description of the issues upon which the participants do not agree.


The Commission also indicated that it would request additional comments from stakeholders and to allow others to respond to comments filed in the rulemaking or to provide additional information. Comments or responses to stakeholders are due by May 14, 2012.


Source: UTC Notice of Opportunity to Submit Comments



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