Continuing Ed Requirements for ISPQ Accreditation: what you need to know

Continuing Education (CE) Providers offer short courses or workshops for the professional development of participants, focusing on specialized skills that help practitioners perform better on the job.

Continuing Education providers in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and distributed generation can seek accreditation as an IREC ISPQ Continuing Education Provider. Usually the courses have minimal or no prerequisite requirements, and they may or may not be aligned with an IREC ISPQ-accepted Job Task Analysis.  These courses are typically of shorter duration (e.g., several hours to several weeks) than those for training programs, and often include entry level and preparatory courses that stress energy fundamentals.

Providers must be able to demonstrate that the continuing education course(s) being offered are relevant, are of high quality, and are focused on enhancing the professional development of energy practitioners.  Providers must also demonstrate that they use high-quality management and administrative procedures, and that their trainers have the appropriate background and experience for the subject matter being taught.  All candidates for IREC ISPQ recognition must demonstrate that they meet all relevant requirements of IREC ISPQ Standard 01022: 2011.

Details about CE providers for IREC ISPQ accreditation are in the Candidate Handbook, Section 2.2 (pg. 8-9).


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