IREC Credentialing Program Implements New Credentialing Management System

The IREC Credentialing Program announces roll out of the new IREC ISPQ Credentialing Management System. With one easy-to-use, web-based tool, IREC ISPQ candidates and awardees can fill out application forms, update their demographic information, track progress toward obtaining a credential, complete annual reports, and communicate with the IREC credentialing staff, including assessors.

“Our goal is to give candidates and credential holders a more seamless, sustainable experience for all aspects of their credentialing cycle,” states Pat Fox, IREC Director of Operations. “We expect this powerful online tool to improve the quality of the service we provide, while supporting the integrity of our process.”

Existing credential holders have already been given access to the Credentialing Management System, with several applicants already working on online applications using the new system. Features of the system include automatic email reminders to credential holders when annual reports are due and an integrated support and communications tool.

IREC ISPQ Application Forms will remain on the IREC website as a reference, but the application process is expected to transition entirely to the web in the coming months.

Questions about use of the IREC Credentialing Management System should be directed to Brian Mattiske, or (518) 621-7379.


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