IREC ISPQ Credential Marks: how do you use them?

Congratulations! You’ve just attained the IREC ISPQ credential, either for an accredited institution or as a certified individual.  And as an IREC credential holder, you’re entitled to use the appropriate IREC mark.  We’ll send you the appropriate mark/designation in your official Award package so you can use it on marketing and course materials, student certificates, transcripts, and on business cards for personnel who fall under the scope of the IREC ISPQ Award, or in course catalogs.

“The Candidate Handbook describes very precisely how the IREC Credential Marks can and cannot be used,” said Laure-Jeanne Davignon, IREC Deputy Project Director.  “First and foremost:  the use of the IREC Credentialing Mark is limited strictly to those organizations and individuals who are IREC credential holders in good standing, and, of course, using the Credential Mark that represents the appropriate credential.  Also, any reference to your IREC ISPQ status should include information about the courses covered by that status.”

A few no-no’s:

  • If the Mark appears on a web page that contains a course description for a non-accredited course, it must be clearly associated with the accredited course(s) so there is no confusion.
  • The Mark cannot be transferred or assigned to an organization or person without express written permission from IREC.
  • The IREC Credentialing Mark must never appear without the appropriate subscript/superscript “®” or “™” trademark symbol.
  • Use of the Mark must stop immediately if the award is suspended, withdrawn or expires.

Organizations hosting training performed by credentialed individuals or entities may display the Mark in association with the training, but must clearly communicate who holds the credential.

“We’re very attentive to the proper use of the IREC Credential Mark,” said Davignon, “and if we learn of Mark misuse by a credential holder, we’ll take appropriate and necessary actions.”

Details about the proper use of the IREC Credential Mark can be found in Section 6 in the Candidate Handbook. “If you have any questions about the proper use of the IREC Credential Marks, please let us hear from you. We do request that you send them to us in writing.”


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