Vermont streamlines permitting process for systems up to 10 kW

On May 31, the Vermont Public Service Board issued an order to increase the system size capacity for proposed net-metered photovoltaic (PV) systems to qualify for an expedited registration process. This order promulgates Act No. 125 (H.475), enacted earlier this year, which increased the size limit of systems eligible for the expedited process.  Net-metered PV systems up to 10 kW may now qualify for this expedited permitting process for a Certificate of Public Good (CPG); previously the limit was 5 kW.


The registration process for a CPG requires the customer to self-certify that they will comply with certain interconnection requirements.  For systems up to 10 kW, the interconnecting utility has 10 days to let the customer know if there are any interconnection concerns with the proposed system.  If the utility does not file an objection to an interconnection project within this time period, a CPG will be deemed issued by the Board on the eleventh day following the filing of the registration form and the applicant may commence construction of the system.  If the utility does file an objection, the applicant must wait to begin construction of the project until the interconnection issues have been resolved.




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