CALIFORNIA: Emerging Renewables Program Ends

The California Emerging Renewables Program is closing, in a move that surprised many small wind advocates and customers. Following the passage of Senate Bill 1018 and pursuant to the Budget Act of 2012, the California Energy Commission is required to close out the award of incentives provided for small wind turbines and fuel cell technologies through the Emerging Renewables Program. A copy of Senate Bill 1018 is available here.

Funding previously earmarked for the Emerging Renewables Program that is not utilized for this program in accordance with Senate Bill 1018 will remain in the Renewable Resources Trust Fund and will be available for use as specified in the law. Applications for the Emerging Renewables Program that were approved for a reservation prior to July 1, 2012, will be processed and should have received a CEC-1038 R2 Payment Claim Form in the mail to confirm that funding has been reserved for their installation. Applications received prior to July 1, 2012, but not approved, will not be processed. The Energy Commission is no longer accepting new rebate reservation applications for systems using small wind turbines or renewable fuel cells.

The Energy Commission is aware of stakeholder interest to continue funding for small wind turbines and renewable fuel cell systems and is exploring options with the California Public Utilities Commission. It urges frustrated applicants to explore if they are eligible for the Residential Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit. More information is available on the DSIRE website. For further questions, contact the Renewables Hotline at (800) 555-7794, or by e-mail at

Source: California Energy Commission


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