Certified Checklist helps Master Trainers & Instructors fulfill maintenance requirements

IREC maintains a checklist just for Certified Master Trainers and Instructors to help you fulfill annual maintenance requirements for your credential. The checklist can be found in Section 7.4b of the Candidate Handbook.

The checklist walks you through the information required to keep your credential current, such as courses taught, number of students taught, field work and activities and continuing education attended.  Don’t forget that Certified Instructors and Master Trainers are required to document attendance at 12 contact hours of Continuing Education or Instructor Training over the five-year period of your award. For more information about continuing education, you can refer to Section 8.3 of the Candidate Handbook.

During the fifth year of your award, you must complete an Application similar to the one completed for your initial Certification in order to keep your credential current. You must demonstrate that you have actively taught courses relevant to your renewable energy or energy efficiency specialty during the five years of your Certification.

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