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Note from the Editor

Direct Transfer Trips: A Primer

A lot is required of policymakers these days – in order to get policies right they often need to understand the basics of science and technology, sociology and economics, legal terminology and a host of other issues that can affect policy decisions. As a result, they often rely on experts like Michael Sheehan, who participates in state commission proceedings on behalf of IREC, helping policymakers understand how engineering principles should be incorporated into interconnection policy decisions. I recently had a chance to ask him about Direct Transfer Trips (DTT or Transfer Trip), a technical term I’d heard often but didn’t really know much about.

Increasingly, DTT requirements are a topic of discussion regarding updates to interconnection procedures. However, it can be difficult for those of us who lack a firm understanding of electrical engineering to know what this term means, and when DTT requirements may be necessary. From what I learned, Transfer Trips are a communication device between a generator and a substation through which a communication signal can be sent to disable a generator in the event of a power interruption.  When a substation relay detects fault on the electric power system (EPS), it sends a “trip” signal to the generator that trips the generator’s breaker and disables it so the generator ceases to energize the local power grid.

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State News in Detail

Northeast States

Massachusetts enacts law to double net metering capacity and modify terms for long-term renewable energy contracts

New York utility reaches aggregate net metering limit; NY legislature expands remote net metering law

Mid-Atlantic States    

New Jersey BPU issues proposed net metering rule expansion; NJ Governor signs RPS, SREC legislation

Midwestern States     

Illinois Governor signs net metering expansion into law

Southern States         

TVA prepares for solar program changes

Western States          

California PUC announces milestone in utility renewable energy goal

Washington Interconnection workgroup issues report and model rules

New Mexico utility community solar program set to open

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Miscellaneous News

Federal Departments team up to develop more renewable energy


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