Looking for Solar Licensing Information? Look no further than IREC’s Solar Licensing Database

By Tricia King
August 21, 2012 

With the continuing evolvement of licensing requirements for photovoltaic and solar thermal installers, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council provides a database of specific state-by-state licensing information. This valuable resource for policy makers, practitioners, consumers, and anyone else looking for solar licensing information in the United States, inventories the licensing requirements to become a solar thermal or photovoltaic installer.

Some states require solar installers to obtain a separate, specialized solar contractor’s license, but in most cases solar is a specialty classification under the general electrical or plumbing licenses. For instance, Arizona requires a contractor to possess the general license that is appropriate to the type of solar device being installed. New Jersey requires a master plumber’s license to install solar thermal systems. The solar panel can be installed without a plumber’s license, but the tank and piping must be installed by a licensed master plumber.  The database also provides useful links to relevant state authorities who facilitate the licensing as well as related websites and documents. Users can also take advantage of the ISPQ and NABCEP filters to highlight states that reference these credentials.

“We frequently have inquiries from contractors and others who are trying to navigate the confusing waters of state licensing requirements,” points out Pat Fox, IREC Director of Operations. “IREC is all about eliminating unnecessary barriers to the adoption of clean energy technologies, so our Solar Licensing Database is designed to help people understand state-by-state requirements, and who they can contact for help.”

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) uses the ISPQ international framework to assess content, quality, and resources across a range of renewable energy, energy efficiency and weatherization training programs. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is designed to raise industry standards and promote consumer confidence by offering certification for renewable energy professionals throughout North America.

IREC will continue to update the database to keep pace with industry standards as they become available. For more information, visit the IREC Solar Licensing Database.


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