California PUC proposes to adopt interconnection revision settlement

On August 14, the CPUC issued a proposed decision that adopts a settlement agreement modifying the state’s interconnection procedures to allow exporting systems to proceed under expedited review procedures and offers a robust supplemental review process for systems that failed one or more of the initial fast track review screens. Of particular note, the proposed decision would adopt an alternative screen to the 15% line section screen, which has become a barrier to expedited interconnection in high penetration areas in California. Now, under a new supplemental review process, interconnection requests that fail the 15% screen may still interconnect on an expedited basis if they pass the supplemental screen based on 100% of minimum load. IREC has promoted this approach in Hawaii and other jurisdictions, and California’s potential adoption of this new screen would constitute a best practice.

In addition to the proposed decision, parties filed comments on the distribution group study process proposed by the utilities.  The proposals are quite similar and will likely result in faster and more cost effective interconnections for certain projects in non-transmission-constrained areas.  IREC will continue to monitor the proceedings with respect to the development of the final details of these plans.


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