Colorado City Amends Net Metering Policy

On October 2, the Fort Morgan, Colorado City Council approved an ordinance amending the city’s Electric Rate Schedule NM for net metering. With the approval, the council also set a public hearing on the ordinance for Nov. 6 at the regular council meeting that night.

The changes in the ordinance would affect net metering credits, which apply to any customers who put power back into the city’s power grid. There are a few net metering customers in the Fort Morgan Light and Power territory, including Morgan Community College and some city residents.

“How it reads now, we settle up at the end of the year,” City Manager Jeff Wells explained. “With this, we settle up on a monthly basis with the bill.” Wells said the changed procedure would still satisfy the state’s net metering requirements.

The formal change is needed because the city’s new utility software cannot carry these rebates or credits over from month to month, as had been done before, with totals figured annually.  This would not affect the amount of money being credited to power-generating customers, only how often the rebates or credits are figured and applied to accounts, according to Wells.

Source: Ft. Morgan Times


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