New and Improved Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool Released

Comparing the combined impact of current state and federal policies for small-scale wind and exploring the best ways to expand markets is now easier with a recent facelift of the Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool, available for free public access at thanks to additional U.S. Department of Energy funding.

The just-released Version 2.0 of the Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool includes several noteworthy updates reflecting changes in market conditions, refined assumptions, and improved user interface elements. The Policy Tool’s overall design and operation is revamped to increase usability and flow with a more intuitive, self-guided experience through the various pages.  Information icons define various acronyms and numerous terms for quick reference.

In one of the most significant usability upgrades allowing more flexibility in examining selected scenarios, users can now adjust the assumed Annual Energy Production (AEP) with a slider bar on the Technical page. Incentive calculations for numerous states including Wisconsin, California, New York, Vermont, Oregon, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, Idaho, and Texas are updated based on the Policy Tool’s customized feed from the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

Other updates include changes to retail electric rates and renewable energy credit prices; adjustments to power curves, ratings, pricing and towers for pre-populated wind turbine models; an increase of the wind shear factor assumption; an expanded glossary; and a detailed state-by-state net metering reference table in the accompanying User Guide. New turbine models and tower options replace two models no longer commercially available, and expired federal and state programs are removed.


Source: eFormative Options


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