Community-shared solar webinar: 11/28 with Erica Schroeder & Rich Swope

Community-shared solar can allow individuals and organizations unable to take advantage of on-site renewable generation to participate in distributed generation and support the development of renewable energy. Community facilities can also take advantage of economies of scale in a way that on-site generation often cannot, resulting in lower prices for participants. Municipal utilities, cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, and other organizations, such as non-profits, have implemented successful community-shared solar programs that meet their community’s particular needs and interests.

During this webinar on Wednesday, November 28th from 2:00-3:00 Eastern, Erica Schroeder from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) will examine successful programs run be a variety of different entities, with a focus on municipal-level programs. In addition to providing information about on-the-ground successes, Ms. Schroeder will distill information gathered across programs, and offer advice about characteristics and components of successful programs based on IREC’s research. Finally, Rich Swope from Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), a municipal utility in Colorado, will present on CSU’s successful Community Solar Gardens program, providing some detail on the program’s structure, how it got started, how its implementation has gone and any lessons learned, and plans for the program’s future.

Join us.


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