2012 in the rear view mirror

We pause for just a minute to reflect on IREC’s 30th year.  There is much progress to be proud of, but we’re too impatient to rest on our laurels.

Some accomplishments – such as regulatory changes regarding renewables – are the result of layers of work built state-by-state over decades. Others result from a significant investment in support of a high-priority goal, such as setting new benchmarks in training and education for a clean energy workforce. And in still other cases, for example credentialing of educators and training programs, IREC’s extraordinary perseverance has led to real change that is transforming the notion of credibility within and outside the clean energy community translating into consumer confidence necessary to drive the continued growth of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

I have the pleasure of working with a highly-regarded, talented IREC team. Together with a growing list of strategic partners, they lead and shape policy, standards and practices around the country. Success in one state, in one city, at one community college, and in one neighborhood provides replicable examples for others. One needs only to review the 2012 IREC published reports to understand the breadth and value of our work, and the growth of our efforts, not just in historically progressive states, but coast to coast.

We play in an unpredictable, dynamic environment. But we don’t shy away from unpredictable market and policy challenges. To the contrary, it keeps us forward thinking, tackling entrenched and emerging barriers.

This newsletter offers a few IREC highlights in 2012. For a more comprehensive view of the year’s accomplishments, take a look at our 2012 Annual Updates & Trends Report,released a few months ago. There, the facts and reasoning behind our most current work are presented – all backed up by our best practices, model procedures and standards, which can be found on IREC’s web site.

We begin a new year with a commitment to our funders and supporters that your confidence in our work will continue to enable greater use of clean energy in a sustainable way – embracing both energy efficiency and renewable resources.

Best wishes for a successful 2013.  May we continue to find peaceful solutions to save our planet.

Jane Weissman




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