Expert Work Group to Upgrade Renewable Energy/Efficiency Education Standards

IREC Press Release
January 28, 2013

In its role as a national leader in credentialing and standards development, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) has convened an expert working group to undertake a comprehensive review of its current international standard for quality education and training in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields.  The standard forms the basis for IREC’s unique credentialing program, which accredits training institutions and certifies instructors in these fields. Specifically, the group will make recommendations for revisions to the current IREC Standard 01022. The goal is to keep training and education in these rapidly changing fields current, relevant and standardized.

“As we prepare tomorrow’s clean energy workforce, establishing and updating credentialing standards for education and training is critical,” says IREC Executive Director Jane Weissman. “It’s the most reliable way that industry and consumers can recognize programs that adhere to high quality standards and evolving best practices.”

A framework established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) will guide the standards development process. The working group will review stakeholder input, develop an outline for the new standards, consider public comments and work through subsequent drafts. Key elements of the ANSI standards development process include balance, transparency and openness in all phases of standards development activity.

A final version of the new standards is expected by fall 2013.

The working group represents a number of stakeholder categories including:  program administrators and trainers from community colleges and universities, trade and technical schools, and private training organizations; curriculum and instructional design specialists; renewable energy and energy efficiency professionals; related trade associations, industry groups and professional societies; experienced standards developers and any individual or organization who feels they will be materially affected by this standard revision activity.

Members of the IREC Standard 01022 Working Group to date are listed below. Others interested in applying to join the group should contact IREC staff for an application before February 15, 2013. Contact or call (518) 621-7379.

Working group members include: Pam Carpenter, North Carolina State; Kelly Cutchin, Simonson Management Services; Diane DePuydt, IREC; Amanda Evans, Santa Fe Community College; Kristen Ferguson, IREC; Pat Fox, IREC; Lisa Hatcher, New River Community and Technical College; Steve Jole, Community Services Consortium; Vikki Murphy, Building Performance Institute (BPI); Glenn Mauney, Everblue; Carla Maxwell, Affordable Comfort, Inc.(ACI); Nate Price, Association for Energy Affordability; Carol Weis, SunEPI; Jane Weissman, IREC; Vaughan Woodruff, Insource Renewables.




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