Small Wind Conference 2013

A study published by Nature Climate Change revealed that there’s enough wind potential, both on the Earth’s surface and up in the atmosphere, to power human civilization 100 times over.  At present, humans use about 18 terawatts of power worldwide.  According to the study, it is possible to extract about 400 terawatts of wind power from the Earth’s surface and 1,800 terawatts of power from the upper atmosphere.  In order for small wind to supply 18 TW of power, it is necessary to install 180,000,000 10kW wind turbines or 36,000,000 50kW wind turbines.

Where better to start than then 9th Annual Small Wind Conference (June 18 – 19 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin)?  The conference committee is actively seeking presentation proposals for inclusion in a jam-packed agenda engaging installers, manufacturers, dealers, distributors, site assessors, public entities, educators and advocates.  Organizers see this one-of-a-kind event as the tip of the spear for small wind expansion across the planet and will be welcoming manufacturers from Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S. to the 9th Annual Small Wind Conference.

In addition, the conference is launching the first annual Facebook Small Wind Turbine Photo Challenge. They invite readers of the Small Wind Newsletter to post your best photos on the Conference Facebook page for monthly prizes.

See the Conference website for information on registration, sponsorship, exhibiting and submission of proposals. A final agenda is expected before March 1.

Source: Small Wind Conference Organizing Committee


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