Small Wind Consumer’s Guide now featured in Open EI

The U.S. Small Wind Consumer’s Guide is now featured in OpenEI, DOE’s wiki platform for energy information. In the past, the Small Wind Consumer’s Guide, produced by Wind Powering America and NREL, has been extremely popular, with tens of thousands of copies printed and downloaded.  However, NREL found that keeping all of the guides current was extremely challenging – often the state contact information would be outdated shortly after the guides were published. Their solution is to host the guide on OpenEI, which also allows expanded contribution from experts in the field. Ian Baring-Gould, National Technical Director of Wind Powering America, said,  “We’ve done the heavy lift, working with programmers to migrate the original content to this platform and to create the clickable map. Now we’re looking forward to the community contributions that have become the hallmark of modern communications.”

Readers of the Small Wind News are invited to contribute to this effort by reviewing and updating content on the site. To participate, you will need to register for an OpenEI user account and then click on the Small Wind Guidebook, where you can make contributions to the content.  The organizers strongly encourage all members of the Small Wind community to become involved.  Alternatively, edits or content additions may be sent to Ruth Baranowski, for those who do not want to become wiki editors.

For more information, please contact Ruth Baranowski or Ian Baring-Gould.


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