IREC Credentialing Program Discontinues its Continuing Education Provider Accreditation

February 12, 2013

Citing confusion in the marketplace about the requirements for each of its accreditation credentials, IREC has stopped accepting new applications for its Continuing Education Provider Accreditation credential. IREC made this decision after extensive research and discussions with stakeholders. This action does not affect the status of credentials held by current Continuing Education Provider.

IREC plans to focus on Training Program Accreditation and four certifications (Affiliated Instructor, Affiliated Master Trainer, Independent Instructor and Independent Master Trainer) to elevate the quality of training available to grow a clean energy workforce that meets the needs for renewable energy and energy efficiency jobs. Through third-party assessment, organizations and professionals can demonstrate to students and other stakeholders that training is keeping up with the industry and meets the requirements for safety and quality, which support the integrity of the industry.

Current Continuing Education Provider credential holders can continue to use their IREC Continuing Education Provider mark in association with the courses for which it was awarded. Credential holders are still required to fulfill annual maintenance requirements, including filing of reports (using the IREC online credentialing management system) and pay applicable fees to remain a credential holder in good standing. The expiration of this award, five years from the date the credential was awarded, does not change.

Prior to the final year of a current award, IREC encourages current Continuing Education Provider credential holders to consider applying for IREC Training Program Accreditation, if eligible. Eligibility information for all IREC credentials can be found in the IREC ISPQ Candidate Handbook. For questions about eligibility, contact IREC’s credentialing staff at or (518) 621-7379.

For more information about mark use or annual maintenance, refer to the IREC ISPQ Candidate Handbook.




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